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Let me help you re-establish your balance
and give you the tools to remain centred.
Meet Anneleen

I'm Anneleen De Clercq;

I was born and raised in Antwerp, before moving to Switzerland to start my career.  While trekking in South America 25 years ago I met my British husband and we live, with our two teenage daughters, in London.  The focus of my career in the corporate sector was in a variety of roles, always centred around people. The huge importance of emotional and psychological wellbeing became increasingly clear to me in order to achieve success and fulfilment on all levels.


Through extensive reading and observation, I became a passionate advocate of the premise that we should be prepared to invest in our mental health and emotional wellbeing in the same way that we care for our physical selves, as both are inextricably linked.  By retraining to specialise in this field, I am now a fully qualified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, focusing on helping people to lead their best lives by overcoming the blocks and barriers our own minds can create for us and reconnecting with their centre.


An initial discussion will help me to understand your individual challenges and enable me to propose a tailored route to help you to overcome them. 


Together we can take positive steps to restore your inner peace and equilibrium.


No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for 'we' are the only thinkers in our mind.
When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.


Louise L. Hay

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I have always had a deep-rooted fascination with the impact of energy on people and vice versa.

This was amplified by my personal experience of the significant impact of energy therapy - kinesiology and reiki - the latter performed by a talented reiki therapist who alleviated some of my long-standing somatic ailments almost overnight. 

I was inspired to qualify as a reiki master and have since then continued to develop a deeper and greater understanding of the human state and how we can harness our own power to heal, qualifying in addition as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and breath coach. 

A lot of our frustrations can be traced back to comparing ourselves and our behaviour, our surroundings and our life against an unrealistic baseline of perfection and idyllic happiness... which few of us will ever achieve, despite what can sometimes seem to be the case. 

This can knock us off balance, cause us to start doubting ourselves and our ability to cope; trigger anxiety, rumination and worry; adopt unhealthy habits or avoidance behaviours. All of which can create or develop unpleasant feelings, unfamiliar emotions, undesirable habits or unhealthy urges etc.

I can help if you are anxious or stressed, have experienced trauma or have a phobia, feel uncomfortable in social settings, would like more control over your life or deal with a habit, struggle with insomnia, chronic pain or menopausal symptoms and much much more
Image by Carles Rabada
“I just wanted to thank you again for the immense power & positive energy you have given me. Sometimes when standing still and looking back, I can’t believe you made me grow and change my mind/thinking so quickly and effectively.”



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Image by Carles Rabada
"Your approach has really helped me. I wouldn’t have revealed these worries to any previous counsellor so I’m relieved to be able to starting to talk about my thoughts now."


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