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What Clients Say...

"I feel much freer, not in a constant panic and I approach everything coming my way with much greater serenity and self-confidence"

After a period of overwhelming stress, exacerbated by long term anxiety, I embarked on therapy with Anneleen. I did so with an open mind and  just a huge desire to change all this once and for all, as I felt locked in my situation and negative thoughts. I aspired to  learn tools and techniques to do so, instead of going round in circles in my head.


Session after session I realised how I could be more in control of my life but also to stop fighting what was not within my control, identifying  at first patterns of behaviour which are unhelpful to me and unpicking mechanisms . This has changed the way I look at things, which I never thought would be possible.


I am normally not bad at analysing - or so I thought! - I have learned how to breathe and meditate to free my brain and, although not all my issues have gone away, I am certainly looking at them from a very different perspective, learned how to let go and not exhaust myself in the same struggles again and again . The therapy is a good mix of practice , theory and personal input.

I particularly  appreciated Anneleen's flexibility when I had the urge to bring up an "unplanned issue " and her obvious empathy stemming from her own experience, making me feel that she really understood me as she might have also experienced all this herself.


"You feel you are being listened to and can say anything"

Anneleen was very quick to respond to things that had occurred and coach me on that, even though she had other things planned for that session. Because of this, you feel you are being listened to and can say anything. She also knows exactly what you need and brought in all the right tools.


I am immensely grateful to her for everything!


"Anneleen has provided a safe and supportive environment to uncover things that I had buried and become impossible for me to face."

Anneleen has helped me to understand the root cause of my anxiety and panic attacks that I had struggled with for many years. Anneleen listens and identifies ways to resolve complex health issues through therapy, hypnotherapy and relaxation. I have suffered with Dystonia for many years and through my session my symptoms are reducing everyday and I can now manage my condition now without medication. 


Anneleen adapts each session to my needs and has helped me get over traumatic events without having to talk about situations that where uncomfortable for me. 


I now have a positive outlook which I didn’t think possible before. I experienced positive changes with every session. I have learnt tools that I use everyday to reduce my stress levels and help me cope with difficult situations that life brings.


"After a few weeks I was able to give the pain a place in my life, it was still there but I could function and sleep much better."

Due to the sudden appearance of a severe auto-immune disease, my body was very fragile.  At the same time, I had a large L4 discus hernia that was very painful.  Anneleen was aware of my situation and sent me information about the 6-second breathing technique.  In the beginning, I was curious but at the same time critical about these exercises.  By practising and relaxing every day, I was able to steam off the pain and relax after a week. After a few weeks I was able to give the pain a place in my life, it was still there but I could function and sleep much better. 


Nowadays I use the 6-sec breath technique every day, not for the pain but to support my immune system [which, I am pleased to say, has been declared free of auto-immune disease, something which baffled the medical community]. I also use it in meetings or while driving. It is now a part of my daily life. 


I want to thank Anneleen for her support and I am very grateful to her.


"The overall sessions are still having a positive effect in my life, and I highly recommend Anneleen if you suffer from sadness, grief, anxiety, insomnia and self-doubts"

In the course of the ACT therapy sessions over 2 months, Anneleen was able to listen in a supportive way and to communicate with me, face to face, about my anxieties and problems. Her approach and manners were very gentle, handled with humour and intelligence and she has a great perception of human's painful emotions. The contact was direct, clear and she explained very well the working of the mind and the actions to be taken for the therapy to be successful. The sessions were thoroughly prepared, amongst others with slides and biological explanations.

Anneleen is both very professional and genuinely interested to unravel emotions and their triggers. I felt it was a dialogue, a constructive conversation, guiding me then towards self-awareness of patterns of thoughts. The reinforcement to change my attitude was enabled through exercises, meditation and relaxation exercises which I could do on my own in-between the scheduled sessions. I was very happy to receive "homework": tables to fill in during the week, and thought she was able to give me the tools to fight/solve /re-adjust my behaviour.

I had never experienced hypnosis, and the deep form of relaxation surprised me. I would actually welcome a session every month in the near future, to help me keep my emotions in check. Keeping a diary and being an active participant is, in my opinion, an essential ingredient for a successful ACT therapy.


"I’m now better. I have no demons in my head and my life is again worth living"

I'd got to my 50s. Kind friends, good family, holidays and financially okay. But, in my head I felt troubled. Over a number of months, I endured my brain telling me increasingly more often, I was worthless and my life had no value.


These thoughts grew more frequent and ultimately became daily. The hardest time was when I was on my own. Just sat there, sometimes with tears rolling down my cheeks. I would google for hours on the internet, ways to end my life, but realised I didn't have the nerve to do anything about it.


I knew I needed help, but I kept delaying to do anything. But I finally plucked up the courage to contact Anneleen. I had an initial hour and a half consultation on the phone, where she listened intently. Gently asking me questions and exploring my problem. We arranged a face - to - face consultation very soon afterwards. When, I put my phone down I already felt pressure and stress removed, but also optimism for my future.


Our appointment lasted over five hours. There was laughter, tears, honest conversations from the heart and Anneleen was brilliant. She prescribed me a simple daily breathing exercise, which I do regularly. 


I’m now better. I have no demons in my head and my life is again worth living. Thank you so very much Anneleen!


- NC 

"It’s amazing to feel understood this way and to have the chance to learn so much from one of the most inspiring people I know.
100% recommended!"

I struggled with overthinking, having unwelcoming thoughts and trying to have things perfect 'til my sessions with Anneleen. She made me feel at ease to talk about my deepest unwelcoming thoughts of which I was ashamed at first. I have always felt very comfortable during our sessions and while confronting my deepest feelings, guided by her strong professional skills, she made me feel relieved that I'm perfectly normal with all my imperfections.


Anneleen has given me clear explanations and (theoretical) background why I might have some thinking “errors” and how I can work on it. Very hands-on and personal she turned human “theory” into practice, teaching me a lot of life-changing techniques to cope with my struggles. We also practiced meditation exercises that made me feel so much better. After every session Anneleen proved to me that even the smallest steps could have big impact on my personal wellbeing.


"I can finally cope in a situation where previously I couldn't!"

Anneleen worked with me to help me through the anxiety that I would feel in certain scenarios when driving. It has made a real difference to how I manage my feelings in the car. I feel very happy and relieved that it has made me able to cope in every situation where previously I couldn't.

Thanks Anneleen!


"I have really enjoyed our sessions!"

When I started my sessions with Anneleen, I didn't quite know what to expect. I was not sure what Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy really was but I am so glad I have started. I cannot thank Anneleen enough because she tailored the sessions to my needs. She taught me different techniques to reduce or totally control my anxieties.


The hypnosis sessions, of which I was skeptical prior to our first session, were of such help and enjoyable too.



“When you come fully present to what you’re feeling — even if it presents itself as sadness — a happiness rises from you because you are being present with you. Choose to be open, present and loving with yourself… And happiness is naturally present and available to you.”

  Sue Morter

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